Alice Butusina
Dark Art
Dark & Surreal Artist

Dark Art

Dark & Surreal Artist


About Me

I am a well organized and competent digital artist dedicated to art and creativity. I am based in Bucharest, Romania, but thanks to the internet I have the ability to work worldwide.

I am willing to do almost anything as art is my passion. My services include:

+Posters/Flyers (including printing)
+CD covers/Book covers
+Web/Blog layouts(without coding)
+T-shirt models(including printing)
+Brand Identity

I have several projects behind my back, all successful and with satisfied customers.

All prices are negotiable.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and send me an email on the address above.

My art

I am mostly self taught and I started to work in this area back in 2007. That makes 4 years of self-developing that I'm very proud of.
I am interested in the dark side of art, surreal and abstract but lately I started to experience with other styles (pop, vintage, retro, etc).


My work is under a Creative Commons License. I do not care if my art is all over the internet as long as you credit me. In fact, you are promoting me, so thank you!
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